Abrazo Foster Family Agency
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The Abrazo Foster Family Agency is a small, privately-owned, non-profit foster family agency serving the Central Valley Area.

Our staff is made up of well-trained professionals who work together as a team to help you and the children in your care. Calls are returned in a timely manner and weekly therapeutic support services are provided. Assistance is available 24/7/365

Our Foster Parent Mentor Program offers additional help to brand new foster parents. Some day, you too, may be asked to mentor a new family.

Generous, tax-free reimbursement will assist in your care of the child. It is non-reportable income. Monthly rates range from $860 to $1027 based on each child's age. Funds are to be used for the child's living expenses.

Medical and Dental needs are met through the child's Medi-Cal Insurance at no cost to you, although the child could go to your doctor and dentist for care.

Foster parent Training is local and easy to obtain. We invite you to join the Abrazo Family today!